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After about 35 years of writing "Emine" and 12 of her first edition, she still keeps up-to-date stuff and stimulates the reader's emotional world. The versions of forbidden love, the charm of sentiments and beauty, the excitement of top moments of inner life, are certainly elements of constant news. But it is more than that. They represent a profound human need that, regardless of seasons, conditions and situations, require satisfaction and claim the right to express and to exist ... It describes the cheerfulness of a young Cretan with the beautiful daughter of a Turkish saint, whom he steals tells his life in the mountains, from the burst of the Revolution, and ends up with a twist in the climax of a shocking end that is not at all what we expect, but it is in accordance with the way the poet sees things. A version decorated with sketches by Spyros Ornerakis and accompanied by a CD containing melodious quotes sung by Vasilis Skoulas and Spyridoula Toudoutaki, in music editing by Christos Stivaktakis

Emine - Giorgis Karatzis

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