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In the tradition of a people when the creation was anonymous and repeatedly delivered projects are important designer and budding twigs spread out, feed and nourish the tree. The "Erotokritos" eg genuine branch because Kornaros creatively assimilated the tradition of the weather and the place and in turn his work has nourished generations of Solomos by Seferis. And of course the songs of George Karatzis. Aqua mantinades walking, solidity and balance that distinguishes the verses of Cornaro. The reason, his tongue tied and serving the meaningless without sophisticated transport and lyricism without unnecessary adjectives. A language essential. As just bonded oxygen and hydrogen and create a glass of cool water. "


The publication is accompanied by a short-term CD offered as a gift, with songs contained in the book and have been recorded exclusively for this. These songs have been performed by: Michael Stavrakakis lute and mandolin, who had the whole music editing Nektarios Samoli lyre, guitar Dimitris Zacharioudaki Vassilis Stavrakakis song

Giorgis Karatzis - Diakritika

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