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This book includes a collection of 32 poems written under the gentle pressure of everyday emotions that find shelter in our soul. Emotions, truth, bitterness, tears; all  these remind us that we are still alive in a world armored with cruelty and relentlessness. In a world where loneliness and injustice envelop our bodies and souls.

Poetry, however, helps us to break free from the shackles life itself has bound us with, and move a step forward towards the endless path of discovering ourselves. To get to know ourselves in depth and identify the reason why we have come into this world.

After all,  the greatest journey of life is us.

Special acknowledgment to Marilena Giannaki for text elaboration

Illustration paintings: Anastasia Muraveva

Graphic design: Andreas Aerakis

Soul in quarantine

€ 1,99Price
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