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Let us take a time to find out that this place has continued to be the reason for the production and functioning of our old-fashioned linguistic expression. When young people are scholars and rich socialists, they choose to express themselves, and even to the particular local natives, expressing modern concerns, highlighting top social issues, and taking into account the primordial character of the poor, there is still hope.
One such hope is the presence of Stavros Tzaneda, who, in an innate way, enters the difficult and unavoidable aspect of poetic creation. Ὁ Stoian Tzanis, through his torrent, reveals among others a very emotional emotional side, which is not immediately apparent, and which gradually stabilizes within the law and the current meaning.
Essence, lyricity, and natural or necessary intelligence are the same as the classical poetry of poets. He follows and follows from his own truths, crossing with a gigantic certainty the fields that delimited his mind and his heart over the innocent part of the beginning ...
Instead of a Prologue
It is not entirely clear that his poetry is the pretext to fight with the hearts of his heart, without the impulse to imprison his faith on the tangled frontier. As with all things, Stoyr is full of enthusiasm and passion, and it is about the same thing that the bee makes of a flower in a flower.
He wanders through the memories of his place, draws water from the deep well of his heart, resuscitates and compliments the desires of his naked truths that surround them and at the end he safely always remains thirsty ...
And from the other side, hidden in the shadows, wrapped in the yellow leaves of autumn, hooked in words in the same way, the rising, causing, leaning, and threatening.
Within all of this, Stathos goes on with confidence, reverses Kamariot's confrontation, full of wrath to memories, child paintings, dreams, reflections and insurances.
He moves and dreams together, and on his way he shows the value and value of his course.

Giorgos Karatzis

St' armia th' alargoxoristo - Stavros Tzanis

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